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Important Stuff

Thank you so much for supporting Cakesbythelb™️ Cakes aka and commonly referred as Cakesbythelb™️. your business is appreciated.  Please rest assure that Cakesbythelb™️ promises to provide you and your guests with it's 100% best foot forward in product. With every order processed and prepared one treat at a time, you are guaranteed delicious homemade quality treats, prepared one treat at a time.

Cakesbythelb™️ prides it's business on providing it's customers with the richness of the best CREAMED butters, the TASTIEST sweet sugars, and the RICHEST Cream Cheese flavor in all of it's best homemade Cream Cheese pound (lb) cakes, the BEST Chocolate, and freshest seasonal fruit available! You are sure to be pleased. Having served in the business of customer service for 20+ years, WORLD CLASS CUSTOMER SERVICE at Cakesbythelb™️ is of the utmost and will be provided to you and your guests 113% of time in any dealings that you have. In the event that you have NOT been provided with such quality care, please let us know, RIGHT AWAY.

If you wish to share great accolades, please share that too. We'd love to know too, that we are doing a great job!

Please direct any or all feedback (there are several options)
-to the desk of Cakesbythelb™️ by emailing, if you wish ( dependent upon your time and length of correspondence).
-Text messages and PHONE calls are too an option. (I.e. Much faster response, and of smaller context)

-All other questions or concerns as well as suggestions are welcome and encouraged. Please also visit the FAQ for answers to your most commonly asked questions and please refer to the Terms & Conditions of Cakesbythelb™️ for  ALL other pertinent business detail.

Cakesbythelb™️ Cakes Terms and Conditions


-Square options available  (fees do apply)

 all BALANCES (including fees) will need to be settled in FULL upon order fulfillment.  No future orders will be accepted unless fees are addressed.  

-Cakesbythelb™️ does understand that things do come up.  With no explanation needed and/or an If order needs to be cancelled,  please do so in a timely fashion.  

**48 -24 hours will be required at NO charge

**less than 24 hours will be honored however there will be a $25.00 Cancellation fee accessed for cancellation.  

-Please keep in mind that, any fees will need to be settled in FULL before future orders will be accepted.

Terms & Conditions are subject to change at ANY any time, in order to provide you and your guests with the Best Quality Service.