Cakesbythelb Cakes      +1 313 303 3700     Serving Metropolitan Detroit   MI 48075     United States


Where is Cakesbythelb™️ located?

- cakesbythelb is a home-based business
Does Cakesbythelb ™️ accept credit cards?

- cakesbythelb can accept some via square (fees  may apply)
Does Cakesbythelb™️ work with NUTS?

 -yes. please advise if you have a nut allergy
How far in advance do I need to place an order with Cakesbythelb™️?

- 24-48 hours depending up order request
Does all Cream Cheese Pound Cakes have CREAM CHEESE in them?

- yes.  majority expect the german chocolate cake
Does Cakesbythelb™️ have a website?

- yes.
Am I able to order online from Cakesbythelb™️?

-yes, limited ordering
What is the actual turn around time for treats from Cakesbythelb™️?

-depends upon the order request.
Where is there a printable list of Cakesbythelb™️ treats and cakes?

- there's a brochure online currently
How do cancellations work?

-cancellations must be made within 48 hours before the specific date request
Is (Are) there any cancellation fees?

-yes, there can be depending upon when the cancellation is made. i.e. less than 24 hours

will incur
What is Cakesbythelb™️ PayPal email address?
Where is Cakesbythelb™️ contact information located?

- on the contact page and important information page. Instagram and Facebook.
Where can I submit an email to the desk of Cakesbythelb™️, if I want to?  

How long has Cakesbythelb™️ been in around?

-1 year
Does Cakesbythelb™️ do deliveries?

-yes, delivery fees will apply
Which areas does Cakesbythelb™️ service?

-the metropolitan Detroit area
What color is Elmo?   

- red..LOL
Are there any in-hand business cards or flyers available for customers?

-yes. can be provided per request
Why should I buy delicious treats from Cakesbythelb™️?

-because everything is absolutely delicious!! :)