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Happy 5th Anniversary, Cakesbythelb!!

I remember sitting in my den after preparing and eating dinner; thinking, that I would love something like a pound cake slice. But not just any ole kind of pound cake.  No, What I had in mind, might satisfy my sweet tooth.  A cake that I yearned for must be fresh in quality, not quickly prepared, it would appeal to my eye, and of course, it would taste delicious.  The - you- can't-- eat- one- slice kind of pound cake. Now, ok! Where would I get this kind of cake? Not a single place came to mind, nor a single thought.  Don't get me wrong, they're great cake places around like great cheesecake spots, delicious cake bakeries,  yet nothing that I felt might deliver what I desired.

When I was younger, I remember smelling cake from my mom's kitchen. She and my godmother baked. If I listen closely, sometimes I can faintly hear sounds of them laughing and listening to my mom's mixer's sounds. Suddenly! It came to me. This particular cake that I desired, this homemade cake that I wanted, I must create.  It would become a treat that I'd develop and nurture.  It would be my baby, into my kitchen I went.  Nervous but not often, I'll admit, was an understatement. BUT I remember mixing my first homemade batter. I couldn't believe it into my first cake and others, and multiple other varieties. Like lemon, then Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate, ooooh, and then I added fruit. Like Caramel Apple and Milk Chocolate Treats! I began to enjoy my craft. With flour everywhere, LOL sometimes on my face and sugar on my counters, I look around in my kitchen and thank God for giving me (His) vision.  I thank God for support from others. Like you! Eh, Folks! How about that delicious homemade cream cheese pound cake that I'd desired. It originated from the Cakesbythelb kitchen!! 

In celebration of your birthday, Cakesbythelb would like to offer you a $5.00 credit toward the purchase of any treat of your choice of $25 OR MORE!!

Simply let Cakesbythelb know, receive your birthday coupon, and place your order. Boom! ‪#‎thatwaseasy‬

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